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August 9, 2009 the first episode of Americas Best Dance Crew season 4 is aired apparently but I only got to see it in the official MTV website.


All 9 crews were amazing. I was actually hoping to see a lot of Asian dancers and I only saw a few of them. There are a lot of interesting performances because every style is unique, but what makes a performance “Unique”?


Today’s 2 most awesome dance shows are So You Think You Can Dance which is on the 5th season and America’s Best Dance Crew in its 4th season which I want to talk about. SYTYCD is amazing because you can be sure that the contestants are highly technically trained in their own styles and it is a partner dancing show. ABDC on the other hand interests me more because it is more on the group dancing category.  Every group gets to choreograph their own dances while the show gives them the music.


Over the past 3 seasons, I have seen a wide variety of dance styles from B-Boying (Breaking), Housing, Tutting, Waving, Isolations, Krump, Funky Jazz, Smooth Hiphop etc. On every Style, there is a specific Group that seems to own it.


When you say BBoying, Supercrew and Quest Crew owns it. This is one of the most athletic styles because dancers do all the most difficult stunts like flips, windmill, butterfly, shablam. These stunts are not to be done at home especially if you are not trained for it because you’ll break your bones if you do it wrong.

Personally, I think Quest Crew is a powerhouse team. First, they have 3 members who are previous finalists of So You Think You Can Dance. Ryan from the first season, Hok and D-Trix from the third season. Their routines are very artistic because each member has his own personality and that their personalities are brought together on the dancefloor by their passion and discipline. I honestly think that on the first episode of ABDC season 3 alone, they will be the champion.





Waving. Jabbawockeez is like the most famous crew from the show. All their performances were theatrical, entertaining, and very synchronized. They are famous for the mask and the waving style. From the word itself, waving; they make all sorts of movements where they look so fluid and clean, and I’d like to call it liquid dancing because when you look at it from afar, it seems like their arms don’t have any bone or they are liquefied. I will never forget when Shane Sparks told these guys.. “you just set the standards, for the next ten seasons”. Kid Rainen, Chris, and Phil are Filipinos, that makes me extra proud. I remember their guest performance on ASAP, a local Sunday noontime TV concert, they are superb, even JC from NSync said he could’nt pick on them.








Housing is popularized by Fysh n Chicks. This is where they do synchronized jumps left and right, front and back. Every now and then combined with head throws from left, right, front, and back. It’s like a happy go lucky dance but it consumes a lot of energy for sure. They are a very strong group of female dancers from the first season. I think Taeko teamed up with Yuri from Kaba Modern and they have a show they called “the Yuri and Taeko Show”.






Isolations are most popularized by non other than Kaba Modern. In this style they do all the small movements with every part of the body imaginable. They do small intricate movements with their heads, arms, neck, elbows, knees, almost everything. Individually it would not be so impressive but what makes it more interesting is when they do it as a group. They are also the group who brought back the “Tutts” where a group does all small  movements with the hands forming shapes like triangles and squares without moving all the other body parts. My favorite performances from them is the Technologic, and the G-Slide.


Funk jazz; There are so far, 2 crews for me that’s best in this style. They are the Fanny Pak and Artistry in Motion.



Fanny Pak blew season 2 with their stylish routines. The style is funky and jazzy yet they brought their own flavor to every performance. You can see that every member is technically trained in jazz because of their lines and the spins and turns, leaps and extensions. What makes them stand out is the genius of the choreographer who dares to be different in creating their routines. The do all sorts of weird and odd movements that you won’t expect to see from a dancer. Bringing it all together makes those routines award winning.






Artistry in Motion on the other hand is very swift and does all the trained styles incorporated in one routine. I only have seen one performance from them and boy can they really dance. They incorporated lyrical, contemporary, ballet, jazz, hiphop in one high octane performance. Their lines are beautiful, the leaps and jumps are very clean. And the other thing with this group is their speed. Jazz is very hard to do as a group because dancers need years of training together to be synchronized totally. Add that up to a very fast routine will surely take a lot of talent and flexibility. I think their choreographer is Donyelle Jones from the season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance. She’s actually gained weight basing it on what I saw. But she is an amazing choreographer for bringing a really hot routine with so much energy. Too bad they had to let them go after the Beyonce Week.




Smooth Hiphop is definitely owned by SoReal Cru from the second season. They landed on second place in the finals. Their style is so unique because they bring smooth, sexy and intricate movement in their routines. If Fanny Pak brings that odd trained style, SoReal brings the street, sexy smooth cool movements. Those moves where you will still look cool and cute even if you do it alone. This crew is just very charming, they made history in the show by being the first crew to never be in the bottom 2. Of course its all because of the votes of the viewers. There are a lot of crews who are more athletic than them but the show is about being different, and this is where they stand out the most. I think they are all Filipinos, that’s why they are my favorite.



One fresh style that I saw today is the Vogueing.. At least that’s what they called it in the show. Vogue Evolution is the first all gay crew to make it to the television show. Okay here’s what they do, according to them, vogue is comprised of different elements such as hands, spins, dips. They battle in underground clubs with this style. The movements in this style are so big, daring, and painful if I may say because they do all these jumps and then land on their backs with one leg bent backwards. Lil’ Mama called it “macayella” I’m really not sure if i spelled that right. I think it is because after kicking so high, the dancers fall on their backs which is already painful, and with the leg bent backwards could possible break that leg. Their style is definitely unique, a whole new genre has just emerged. Full of energy, technique, and style. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it before, I think they went home after the bollywood challenge.


In the end Afroborike and We Are Heroes battled out and We Are Heroes made history by being the first Female Crew to take the golden trophy. Good job to these girls, they truly deserved it. It would not hurt if Afroborike won because they are equally talented and entertaining to watch.

Afroborike are the experts in partnering and in latin dances. We Are Heroes are the popping queens.


You may check out the full episodes of all 4 seasons by logging on to season 5 will be on January 2010, I’m so looking forward to it.