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June 5,2010. Pilipinas Got Talent Semi-Finals round. It was the 6th and last of all semi-finals. 6 semi-finalists battled against each other for 2 remaining spots at the grand finals. I watched the live competition and disagreed with the female judges’ comments on Imusicapella.

Kris Aquino says that unlike the other group Baguio Metamorphosis, the boys in the group levelled up with their performance. But Imusicapella’s female members were outstaged by the male members. I totally disagree with this statement. First, I have nothing against Baguio Metamorphosis, they are indeed excellent in what they do. Imusicapella’s dance routine is Unison (Male and female members are doing the same steps in the dance), If she’s referring to the vocal talent, It is so not true. Their conductor Tristan Ignacio is very detail oriented and pays way too much attention to stick-outs (it means one voice sings louder than the rest of the choral singers). Therefore, they are rehearsed to sing the piece according to it’s arrangement. Everybody Dance Now is a piece where most of the lyrics are tied to the female voices while the male singers only hummed the bass part with no lyrics. And because the bass part is the lowest voice, if you don’t pay that much attention to the performance, you may not hear the bass singers. And Imusicapella as a group is battle tested, they are well aware that if one singer sings too loud, it is not gonna sound nice.

Ai-Ai delas Alas says that the boys were great but the female soloist in the Diva Dance part was a little sharp. AiAi can sing but I don’t think she heard the aria part right. The last note was hit as it should be. It was precise.

The male Judge Fred FMG Garcia, on the other hand was very objective with his comments. It is true that what Imusicapella did was 3x difficult. First, Singing in the right tone, second, dancing, and third, singing with no canned music or accompaniment.

It is hard to sing without accompaniment because the song has to start in the right pitch. If the singers sing the first note a little higher than the right note, the soloist may not be able to hit the highest note because it will be too  high for her range.

It is hard to sing while dancing because dancing changes a person’s breathing pattern. Once the breathing changes, it will make it difficult to sing.
I would also like to give credit to the musical arranger of their piece John Pamintuan. Everybody Dance Now is mashed up with Diva Dance from the movie The Fifth Element, I must say it’s genius. How can the judges not appreciate that? Maybe they just have different tastes in the cultural form of entertainment, or they have no taste at all. Anyways, they are the judges and they are just doing their job.

Look at the set of grand finalists, I only liked a few of them, Alakim, Baguio Metamorphosis, Jovit, and Velasco Brothers. Ezra band? I know one acoustic band that would make Ezra Band tumble. They call themselves Frappe Band. I stubled in to their Band leader Chris Obana. I saw their amateur videos in youtube and man, they are as good as recording stars already. Their vocalists have very melismatic voices. Let me give you one of their videos. Anyone who knows good music will agree with me that they are way way better than Ezra band.

See what I mean? I am definitely a fan of this band.

I have always appreciated music. Choral singing is like the most artistic form. It is raw talent at it’s best. Imusicapella raised the bar for choral groups in the country. They did what no other choral groups dared to do.
I would also like to mention this. The kind of dancing that they did is only seen on America’s Best Dance Crew. They have a lot of groups that specialize on these Tuttings like the most recent champion Poreotix. Thank’s to Imusicapella’s very talented choreographer Irwin Samson of the Teletech Bacoor Rave Dancers. He is pure genius, If you are a dancer, you would have noticed that there are 2 knds of tuttings in their routine, the new school and the old school tuttings. They also did some steppin.

If you watch TV, one of the most popular TV series in America today is Glee, where our very own Charice Pempengco is casted in their next season. Yey!!

What they do in glee is similar to what Imusicapella did in their Pilipinas Got Talent auditions and the semi-finals. Their greatest competition in Glee is the Vocal Adrenalin. They sing very well and they dance like profesional dancers in Brian Friedmans jazz masterclasses. But personally, I don’t believe they can really dance like that and sing effortlessly. Their music is recorded I bet. I hope their scouts notice Imusicapella or Frappe Band and invite them as guest competitors in Glee. That would be awesome. They deserve a spot in the show. Just look at their performance, it’s live. No cuts, no second or third takes. If they can do it live, they can definitely pull it off in a taped performance. come on Fox channel. There are a lot of unseen talents in the Philippines. I hope some very powerful people in the entertainment industry notices and gives them the big break they deserve.


Quiet room ep 2

Posted: August 14, 2009 in Tagalog
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Hindi na mapigilan ang paglaki ng call center na itoh, ang dating parang nirentahan kong Quiet room no bags allowed ay mukha nang evacuation center ng mga biktima ng typhoon katrina. at ang lalaki ng mga natutulog ha, para akong nakakita ng cast ng lord of the rings. ung mga Orcs nagttrabaho na sa call center langya naman oh.. idedefine ko ang ibat ibang klase ng snores sa quiet room. sobrang updated ako sa bagay na ito siyempre kasi suki ako ng Quiet room no bags allowed.


1. Saiduck: tunog pokemon pero hindi, this is how one of my teammated described the snore na narinig niya, katunog niya daw si donald duck, parang pato mag hilik ang mokong na ito. tinignan namin siya at tuwing makikita namin siya sa floor ay nag lolokohan kami “sai—duck sai—-duck…”



2. Texas chainsaw massacre: well, halata naman sa title diba, dire diretso naman ang accent ng hilik ng isang toh, parang chainsaw, nakaka gulat, nakaka gulantang.. at napaka ingay. pag nakikita naman namin siya sa floor, minumustra namin ang pag hihila ng tali na parang nag sstart ng chainsaw..



3. Jurrasic park: oo parang dinosour humilik ang matabang lalaking itoh. my god, para siyang nag trabaho ng 15 hours sa construction ng MOA at pagod na pagod kaya ganun kalakas ang hilik niya. Sinilip ko ang mukha niya para pag nakita ko siya sa production floor alam ko na kung sinu siya. Nagulantang ako sa nakita ko.. andaming residente sa mukha niya, mukha siyang nilalanggam, andaming pimples!! Mahirap idescribe, maihahalintulad ko siya sa isang matamis na pagkain.. Pinipig Crunch.. ganun, maitim na maitim parang chocolate tapos may mga shrapnel pa..



4. Godzilla: in short, extreme level ng hilik ni jurrasic park.. pag nakikita namin siya, wala kaming maimustra, tumatakbo kami at umiiwas kasi baka mabugahan kami ng apoy diba, hindi ko naman palaging dala ang bato ni darna. At sinilip ko rin ang mukha ng isang ito, mas grabe pa pala siya kay jurrasic park, para siyang sumugod sa Wargames ng walang suot na mask. Kung si juan tamad ay inabangan lumaglag sa bibig niya ang bayabas, ang isang ito naman ay mistulang nag abang na malaglag sa mukha niya ang Langka, butas butas. Parang isinumpa siya na maging kamukha niya si pinhead ng pelikulang hellraiser. Lugi ka pag hinamon mo ng suntukan itoh dahil mukha na siyang character sa DOTA, na ilang ulit nang namatay at nagpilit mabuhay uli. Hindi naman sa nagmamayabang ako, pero wala akong mga ganun sa mukha ko. Ikumpara mo naman ang Buhay (ako) sa Patay (siya)


imagine kung sabay sabay ang apat na ito sa quiet room, nangyari na minsan, ang tagal bago ko makatulog at naririnig ko ang ibang tenants na nagdadabog na, pumapadyak na sa inis at ung iba naman maririnig mo ang “tsk tsk tsk” na parang mga butiki, tunog ng pagka badtrip sa mga orcs. kung pede ko lang ba i suggest na bukod sa quiet room no bags allowed ay sana magkaron na rin ng noisy room.. para dun nalang matulog ang mga nag hihilik na ito, abah lagyan mo ng decibel meter ang kwarto at sasabog un. or umimbento sila ng machine na makakapag convert ng hilik into fuel, edi tumaas ang supply natin at di na tayo mag iimport, matitigil na ang walang katapusang kaguluhan sa kalye in regards to oil price hike. anything basta magkarun ng silbi ang hilik ng mga hampaslupang ito.  tutal kahit maingay sila humilik hindi sila magigising pare pareho, unlike sa quiet room kung nandun sila, abay sila lang ang nakaka tulog ng bonggang bongga at ung iba ay naiiyak na sa kakapilit matulog, mga puyat sa pag ddouble shift pag oovertime, hindi maka tulog ng mahimbing dahil merung mga mahihimbing ang tulog. Or pede rin bigyan sila ng pelikula, “the chronicles of the snorelocks” para hindi na sila sa call center mag trabaho.. just so you know, kung sa iba gawaing tamad ang matulog, sa amin, luxury un, oh diba para kaming mga artista. yan ang buhay namin dito sa office. madami pang kwento lalu na outside the Quiet Room no bags allowed.. siguro next time ung mga eksena naman sa yosi room, comfort rooms, training rooms, game room, break room, lahat yan madaming kwentong entertaining. depende sa kung sino ang nag kkwento, kung kaninong experience, ang mahalaga, we still do our jobs right?



Quiet room ep 1

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Chapter 1: Quiet Room no bags allowed




Depending on what company you work, it is called many different names. In my previous employers we call it Snooze Box, Wallaby, Sleeping Room, Sleeping Quarters, Fun Room.. Where i currently work, we call it the Quiet Room. I did’nt learn about it until magka sakit ako (flu) on my first day of product specific training. (sa call centers, yun ang training na binibigay sa employees to be ready for the job). My trainer ordered me to go to the clinic, sabi ng nurse inumin ko ang tabs at mag Quiet Room ako. I said “where the F**k is that room?” and magalang naman niyang tinuro sa akin ang daan papunta dun. There it is nakalagay sa pinto “Quiet Room, no bags allowed” pinuntahan ko and i swiped my company ID (sa company namin, ID and pinaka susi para bumukas ang bawat door) and i pushed the door open and tried to walk right in. Bumangga ang ulo ko, then i realized walang access ang ID ko, Great nauntog na ko hindi pa ko makapasok. may guy sa likod ko nag swipe, aba lokong pinto un bumukas.. I asked him “excuse me sir how did you make the door open?” “ay kuha ka ng access card dun sa facilities, iiwan mo ang company ID mo” sabi ng guy. sabi ko naman sa isip ko, langya pwede naman palang tagalog eh, hindi pala strict sa EOP (english only policy) dito. At bongga ang tulugan madami pa pala akong dadaanan na stop over, at para akong naglalaro ng god of war sa psp, bago maka bukas ng isang pinto eh eeffort pa ko mag amazing race sa pag hahanap sa facilities. I learned na kaya iniiwan ang ID is para ma bilang ng company kung ilang oras kang natulog. bawal daw pala lumagpas ng 6 hours na sleep within 24 hours. pag lumagpas ka file note ang katapat, pag umulit ka pa, first written warning, pag umulit kapa, final written warning, at pag umulit kapa, TERMINATION na ang susunod. imagine, makatulog ka lang ng aabot sa 24 hours ay mag hahanap kana ng ibang trabaho. Anyways nakapasok na din ako sa wakas sa “Quiet Room no bags allowed” may 8 double deck beds sa gitna at may 6 double decks din na naka dikit sa wall. madami din diba. ang access card na binigay ng facilities ay may number, corresponding sa bed na designated sayo. makes sense to me, kung ubos na ang access cards ibig sabihin wala na din mahihigaan sa loob. A1, A2 hanggang Q1, Q2. pag 1 sa ibaba ng double deck, pag 2 sa itaas un. at ang taray ng tulugan may CCTV camera pa. To make sure daw na walang mag nanakawan ng gamit, ( anu kaya un bawal nga magdala ng gamit tapos to make sure na walang mananakawan, so redundant diba). So nanginginig akong humiga sa kama ko I2 ang kama ko, nasa sulok, diretsong kitang kita sa cctv camera ang pag mehmeh ko, deadma, masakit ang katawan ko dahil sa flu. pag higa ko ay naginhawahan naman ako ng onti, maya maya pay nakatulog na ako. After a few minutes, biglang nagising ako, napadilat ang mata ko pero hindi ko naman maigalaw ang arms ko, hindi ako makatayo at parang may mabigat na nakapatong sa chest ko. siguro dahil lang may lagnat ako dahil sa flu kaya nag hahalucinate ako. pero gustung gustu ko na bumangon at uminom ng tubig, hindi pa rin ako maka galaw. gumawa ako ng paraan para magising ang katawan ko, nilabas ko ang dila ko at kinagat, madiin, padiin ng padiin hanggang sa wakas ay nakawala ako sa parang tali na dahilan kaya hindi ako maka kilos. Saktong pumasok ang co worker ko at sinabing uwian na daw. Kaya umuwi na ako. kinabukasan ay medyo maginhawa na ang pakiramdam ko pag pasok, siyempre the usual routine, time stamp sa pc, para may sweldo, dun naka base ang attendance eh. tapos check ng email, ang daming spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm peste. highlight ko lahat at binura. nagkakagulo na sa kabilang bay, tinitignan pala nila ang email na sinend ng isang employee ng company something weird daw. naku nabura ko na ang email at na empty ang deleted items. so i asked one of them to forward that particular email to me again. there is an embedded image na medyo malabo. pero halatang kuha sa CCTV camera. Shot pala un sa quiet room. May kama, may taong naka higa, at the same bed may batang naka upo. sabi ko “anu naman weird dito? my god you’re so gullible talaga noh” sabi ko.. “basahin mo ung captions” sabi ng isa kong colleague. and it read “this was taken by the facilities lead in the quiet room, an employee sleeping and a ghost of a kid sitting beside this employee” wow sosyal may multo pala sa quiet room. hindi na bago.. nag zoom in ako at nakita ko ang number ng bed. “I2” F**k un ang hinigaan ko kagabi.. the date and timestamp says the date and time na nasa quiet room ako. so ang naka talukbong na employee sa bed I2 ay wala nang iba kundi ang inyong lingkod. I was shocked at nag yaya mag yosi. This was my first time sleeping with a kid.. at ghost pa.. kung kamag anak ko pa ang multo na un patong patong na ang kaso ko sa sadigan bayan, bantay bata 163. hahaha.. I took it so lightly. I tried to sleep in the same bed the following days and the same thing happened to me. So i told my teammates about it. 5x na nangyari sa akin ung hindi ako maka hinga sa bed na yun, when i slept in other beds, mahimbing naman. lalu ko pang na confirm ng marinig ko na kinukwento ng isang agent, na hindi ko kakilala sa kausap nya na binangungot daw siya sa bed I2. Sa kabila ng weird na nangyari sa akin, may nakakatawa namang sequel itoh. Isa sa mga kateam ko ay natuto at nawili na din mag siesta sa “Quiet Room no bags allowed” natsambahan niya makuha one time ang card na I2.. pag gising niya at pag balik sa work station ay pulang pula ang baklang kateam ko. sabi niya “tsong something happened to me in the Quiet room” sabi ko “what? binangungot ka rin?” sinagot naman niya agad sa harap ng buong team.. “no, nag wet dreams ako.. pag gising ko basa ang pants ko, i touched it and confeeeeeeeeerrrrrrmmmed.. protein in the flesh ituh..”” YYYYUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK” sa bed I2 pala siya natulog.. “ay tsong weird talaga sa bed na un, may moo moo.. ako nga diba binangungot ng ilang ulit.. pero sakin pinipigilan nya ako huminga bakit sayo mukhang nireyp ka ng moo moo? nalaman niya siguro sa aura mo palang na isa kang confirmed na diyosa. hehe” at natawa nalang kami sa nangyari..